The Foremost Goal of Our Foundation is to ensure that every rape and war trauma survivor is supported in the wake of chaos. Although the source of distress is different between the two experiences the internal experience of the rape and war survivor is the same. Including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, rage, insomnia and trouble functioning on the day-to-day basis. Our work improves the lives of those who are dealing with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD. We teach proven holistic tools, techniques, methods of healing, and life empowerment after the fact of trauma. We are honored to be the proud backbone of the resilient trauma survivor and a government recognized 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States of America spearheaded by Jo Standing.

The Viva Standing Foundation is an American 501(c)3. Our Current Initiative is Our Vet Community where we bring educational materials focused on bolstering self-knowledge and self-empowerment. We bring love, light and laughter to our troops and veterans! We are happy that you've chosen to learn more about us and we look forward to connecting with you soon! To learn more about our 2020 initiative stay-tuned!  


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