The Viva Standing Foundation was founded on the idea of trauma survivors needing a hand up not a hand out. We believe the following: 


There is no panacea, or cure-all, for overcoming the effects of trauma, also known as PTSD. It takes a collection of resources, methods, and mostly community.


Trauma not only can happen to anyone, in some size, shape, or another, it does!


Our current methods of supporting those afflicted with PTSD are outdated. Trauma survivors cannot heal, if being injected with prescription drugs, and repeating the same old story over and over, and not knowing how to construct and structure both life-giving thoughts and healthy bodies.


Trauma is not something to hide in the closet and wish it did not happen.


Love for and acceptance of one's experiences is possible, no matter how shocking or daunting they are at the present moment. 


The VSF assists the recovery process after the traumatic life experiences of rape and war. Our well-being services neutralize the challenging experience of post-trauma so that the survivor may return to wellness, and eventually begin to thrive again in their lives. 


We specialize in serving rape and war survivors. We are honored to be a government recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit in the United States of America spearheaded by Jo Standing. 

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Take a leap! Learn how to become resilient through trauma . . . Learn how to come home to YOU after trauma with our free videos.

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