We support Jo Standing in the giving of her holistic self-recovery techniques within her free classes, delivered in audio and video format, online to rape and war survivors everywhere. At the moment, our Foundation covers tips and education for the brain, body, mind, emotional self, energy self, and spiritual self. Every rape and war trauma survivor requires each of these considerations in order to learn how to successfully work and live through PTSD.


If you are a thought leader in an area of resilience, and have a speaking topic that aligns with Our Mission, please contact us to see if you might be equally served to be a Guest presenter with our not-for-profit in podcast or webcast format. 


If you want to help facilitate a group class in your local area, we will send you a free e-version of Conquer Trauma Drama: The Workbook, replete with 40 worksheets included, as a guide to help run your very own local resilience class in your local area with your beloved community!

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Take a leap! Learn how to become resilient through trauma . . . Learn how to come home to YOU after trauma with our free videos.

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