T E L L  people about the Viva Standing Foundation's core mission to assist the full recovery of rape and war survivors to make sure that no survivor is left uncared for.  


E N C O U R A G E  friends and family members to donate. This helps us continue to give free classes, workshops, teaching materials, podcasts, and webinars. 


L E A D  a fundraising event in your area at a local community center, friend's home or workplace.


H O S T  an online or offline class that you lead with free materials we provide so you can be a part of the healing solution for survivors. 


S T A R T  planning to make it to our Walk & Talk Marathon in Fall 2017!


D O N A T E a recorded video class, book or audio to our foundation to be considered to share with our friends in recovery. Are you a thought leader, author, speaker and/or coach? 


S P O N S O R   Be a part of the cause to restore health within rape and war survivors in need of a hand up and not a hand out. When you sponsor our events, funds go directly to continuing the giving of free educational materials that bring love, light, and laughter to the current troops and veterans benefitting from Our Vet Community.

Building Awareness: Thrive because of PTSD, not despite of it!

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