T E L L  people about the Viva Standing Foundation's core mission to assist the full recovery of rape and war survivors to make sure that no survivor is left uncared for.  


E N C O U R A G E  friends and family members to donate. This helps us continue to give free classes, workshops, teaching materials, podcasts, and webinars. 


L E A D  a fundraising event in your area at a local community center, friend's home or workplace.


H O S T  an online or offline class that you lead with free materials we provide so you can be a part of the healing solution for survivors. 


S T A R T  planning to make it to our Walk & Talk Marathon in Fall 2017!


D O N A T E a recorded video class, book or audio to our foundation to be considered to share with our friends in recovery. Are you a thought leader, author, speaker or coach?


S P O N S O R  Be a part of the cause to restore hope within rape and war survivors who are in need of a hand-up, not a hand-out, in order to restore self-confidence, and activate powerful inner healing. When you sponsor our events, funds go directly to continuing to give free classes online, serving rape and war survivors everywhere.


Building Awareness: Thrive because of PTSD, not despite of it!

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Take a leap! Learn how to become resilient through trauma . . . Learn how to come home to YOU after trauma with our free videos.

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