T h e  V i v a  S t a n d i n g  F o u n d a t i o n was founded on the idea of everyday communities needing a hand up not a hand out. We believe the following: 


There is no panacea, or cure-all, for overcoming the effects of trauma, also known as PTSD. 


Trauma not only can happen to anyone, it does happen to everyone.


Our current methods of supporting those afflicted with PTSD are outdated.


Trauma is not something to hide in the closet and wish it did not happen.


Love for and acceptance of one's experiences is possible, no matter how shocking, daunting or traumatizing they are at the present moment. 


T h e  V S F   i s  d e s i g n e d   t o   a s s i s t   t h e   r e c o v e r y  p r o c e s s  after traumatic life experiences. Our well-being services normalize the challenging experience of post-trauma.  


W e  N e e d  Y o u  t o  V o l u n t e e r  and offer tools of healing and empowerment to survivors of trauma Contact Us. Help us build the world's first transformation house. At the Reintra House we will utilize the skills and talents of survivors to create an inclusive community where everyone feels valued and worthy of the handup that they receive. Free life skills building plus resilience and empowerment classes by people at the top of their profession will be given to all people living at the Reintra House for the duration of the three month life recovery program. Reach Out to be a part of the treatment revolution of PTSD therapy. 


Learn how to become resilient through trauma . . . not despite of it or after it! Learn how to regain your whole self back!

Say 'hi' and inquire how you might get involved while you're here!



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