We give holistic self-recovery techniques in our free classes with the help of teachers from around the country and the world. We deliver them in audio, video and live formats. At the moment, we have brain, body, mind and spirit resilience for survivors working through PTSD. Click the graphic above to choose which audio you want to listen to next!


If you are a thought leader in recovery or resilience and have a podcast idea that aligns with our mission please CONTACT US to see if Jo is interested in hosting the podcast audio with you as a guest! 


If you want to help facilitate a group class in your area, we will send you a Conquer Trauma Drama Workbook, with 40 worksheets included to help run your resilience class in your local area! Be a solution for trauma survivors in your community!



Learn how to become resilient through trauma . . . not despite of it or after it! Learn how to regain your whole self back!

Say 'hi' and inquire how you might get involved while you're here!



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