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J o   S t a n d i n g

Board Director    


Jo is a world traveler, former Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute New York attendee, author of books on PTSD and a certified Life Coach through Rhodes College of Vancouver, Canada. She has led classes for over a decade in the USA and Canada. She now speaks to audiences on the topic of resilience because of PTSD, not despite of, or after the fact. 



A n n e  S t e f f e n - R u s s o


Board Advisor 


Anne Steffen-Russo is an internationally known alternative therapist, medical intuitive, channel, psychic, healer, author and respected philosopher in the Hyde Park community of Cincinnati, Ohio. She educates people through her group and private sessions. She is happily married with two children.


E l i z a b e t h  A n n  W o o d

Board Secretary


Elizabeth is a psychology graduate of The University of Cincinnati and a present day studying Gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America. She lives with her two cats and husband-to-be in Cincinnati, Ohio.

O l g a  I v a n i d i

Board Treasurer 


Olga graduated from the University of Ukraine with a degree in international business. She currently studies at the University of Columbia in Chicago where she received a full scholarship to work toward her Masters in Broadcast Journalism. 

C h a n d e l l e   M a l d o n a d o


Event Coordinator 


Chandelle is a mother of three and serves the Broward and Dade Counties of South Florida with her new business, Sugar and Sea LLC, a line of products that specialize in bringing more time and freedom to the everyday goddess, and god, in every woman and man. She has a line of products that specialize in the essential recovery needed after trauma. This includes her signature Hemalayan Sea Salt Scrub infused with specialty oils to soothe the central nervous system. 

Learn how to become resilient through trauma . . . not despite of it or after it! Learn how to regain your whole self back!

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