The Viva Standing Foundation is founded on a language of love and cooperation for those in need. In fact, in essence, we are all in need. We need to know we're a part of something important and we need to know that we can have an impact on this planet. So, for the sake of community we have come together for a project that can help brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, neices, girlfriends and boyfriends. Building a foundation that honors gender equality by making women's and men's issues of equal important is inherent in the work we do. Most succinctly, people who volunteer know what it's like to experience the effects of rape and other forms of abuse. Whether one knows through personal experience or through the love for a friend or family member, each of us feels whole heartedly that those who have experienced rape and the effects of abuse deserve to come out knowing that they are not alone.


We are a community who seeks to build a path for survivors to begin to thrive by offering tools of healing and empowerment. These tools range from developing business acumen to learning health and wellness practices to absorbing knowledge concerning ecological wisdom that highlights the ultimate connection we have with all of life. For the Viva Standing Foundation the sky is the limit and then some thanks to the help of advocates for resiliency after abuse.


That is who we are: We support and celebrate resilience in survivors.

Learn how to become resilient through trauma . . . not despite of it or after it! Learn how to regain your whole self back!

Say 'hi' and inquire how you might get involved while you're here!



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